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At Carepoint Commercial, we're more than just a real estate company. We're your trusted partner in navigating the unique and dynamic world of healthcare and medical real estate. Our journey began with a vision to empower healthcare professionals and investors by providing tailored real estate solutions that enhance their practices and investments.

With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry's distinctive requirements and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we've established ourselves as a go-to resource for medical, dental, fitness, therapy, vision care, and veterinary real estate. Our mission is to create spaces that empower healthcare providers to deliver the highest standard of care and help investors thrive in this specialized field

We're passionate about what we do, and we're here to support your real estate goals with integrity, expertise, and a genuine commitment to your success. Thank you for considering Carepoint Commercial as your partner in healthcare real estate excellence.


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Our Values


At Carepoint Commercial, our values are the cornerstone of our commitment to healthcare excellence. Guided by unwavering integrity, client-centricity, and a pursuit of expertise, we navigate the healthcare real estate landscape with a dedication to innovation and community impact. Our results-driven approach, grounded in ethical conduct, reflects our belief that success is measured not only in transactions but in the positive impact we bring to healthcare professionals and investors. Our values are not just principles; they are the heart of our mission to redefine healthcare real estate.

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Company Mission

Empowering Excellence in Healthcare Real Estate


At Carepoint Commercial, our mission is clear and unwavering: to empower healthcare professionals and investors in achieving success through tailored real estate solutions. We are dedicated to creating spaces that promote excellence in healthcare, whether it's a medical practice, a dental clinic, a fitness center, a therapy facility, a vision care center, or a veterinary clinic. Our commitment to integrity, expertise, and client-centricity drives us to provide innovative and results-oriented real estate services that make a positive impact on the healthcare industry and the communities it serves. Our mission is not just a statement; it's a promise to stand by your side and help you reach new heights in healthcare and real estate success.

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What Makes Carepoint Commercial Unique

Healthcare-Centric Expertise:

Specialized knowledge in healthcare real estate, ensuring tailored solutions for the unique needs of medical practices.

Client-Centric Approach:

Prioritizing client satisfaction, actively listening to goals, and delivering personalized strategies for long-term success.

Comprehensive Service:

One-stop solution for healthcare real estate needs, offering services from lease renewals to strategic growth solutions.

Regulatory Mastery:

Expertise in navigating complex healthcare regulations, providing clients with peace of mind and legal compliance assurance.


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Explore exciting career opportunities at Carepoint Commercial. Join our team and contribute to shaping the future of healthcare commercial real estate while advancing your career in a dynamic and rewarding setting. Discover the possibilities with Carepoint Commercial – a place where your skills and aspirations align with meaningful opportunities.

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