Real Estate Strategies and Tips from CarePoint Commercial

lease renewal

14 min read

Navigating Health Care Real Estate Lease Renewals: A Comprehensive Guide

A lease renewal extends the terms of an existing lease for an additional period, providing stability for tenants and steady income for landlords. This can involve signing a new lease or continuing under the current one with modifications, such as...

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dental office leasing

22 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Leasing Dental Office Space: Dental Office Leases, Dental Practices, and Office Space for Rent

Leasing a dental office is a crucial decision that impacts your practice's success. Understanding the basics of leasing helps you make an informed...

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Triple Net Leases

9 min read

Navigating Triple Net Leases: Strategic Insights for Landlords and Tenants in Commercial Real Estate

Triple net leases, also known as NNN leases, play a crucial role in commercial real estate by offering distinct benefits and responsibilities to both...

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what is a gross lease?

10 min read

What is a Gross Lease in Commercial Real Estate?

In commercial real estate, understanding the nuances of different lease types is crucial for shaping a business's budgeting and operational...

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gross lease vs net lease

12 min read

Understanding the Difference Between Gross Lease vs Net Leases in Commercial Real Estate

Navigating the complexities of commercial leases can be challenging for both new and experienced business owners. It's crucial to understand the...

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NNN Lease

14 min read

Understanding Triple Net Leases (NNN) in Commercial Real Estate: A Comprehensive Guide for Landlords and Tenants

In commercial real estate, different lease types affect landlords and tenants in various ways. The Triple Net Lease (NNN) is particularly notable...

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NNN leasing explained

19 min read

Triple Net Lease Explained: A Deep Dive into NNN Leasing

The Triple Net Lease is a foundational component in commercial real estate, especially for healthcare professionals seeking the right space for their...

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Covid Impact

3 min read

Pandemic Impact and Uncertainty Shake Healthcare Real Estate Market

As the global pandemic continues to unsettle the commercial real estate landscape, the healthcare sector grapples with escalating challenges and...

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2 min read

Healthcare Spaces Reimagined: Innovative Design and Functionality Approaches for Tomorrow's Practices

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by advancements in technology, changing patient expectations, and a growing emphasis on...

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